Craig Hill, CFP®

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I am a 25 year veteran of financial markets.  I’ve advised clients through the difficult times behind us and am actively helping clients prepare for the future.  I believe there may be some scary and tough times ahead but I believe with proper preparation and a positive attitude, we can not only survive tough times but also thrive in the future.

My job is to help prudent people make wise decisions about precious metals.  There is very little in the way of professional advice in the precious metals industry.  As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, I want to educate you, help you form a plan and then implement your precious metals strategy.

Why Craig Hill?


Craig is passionate about helping people understand the world economy, the risks we face and how precious metals fit in our financial lives.


Craig is a 25 year veteran of financial markets and has worked for large and small investment firms and banks.  He has helped guide clients through past financial crisis and can help you prepare for the times ahead.


As a financial educator and advisor, Craig knows that people make the best decisions when time has been taken to help them understand. If you want to be advised and not sold, start here .

Advice and guidance with professionals to achieve your financial goals!

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